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1. Free Our Voices / Om Namah Shivaya.
2. Ganesha Remove the Veil.
3. Divine Mother.
4. Open the Eyes.
5. Nature of Narayana.
6. No More Turning Back / Guru Sharanam.
7. The Waters.
8. Invocation of the Christ.
9. Mother Healing.
10. Sol Dourado / Gayatri.
11. We Are One.
12. Om Astaoma / Spirit Guide.
13. Purnamadah / Perfect Gracias.

Prem Moham and Surya are two musicians who have discovered the power in uniting their voices. The music that has emerged from their partnership brings together different traditions and genres into a space of union and integration.

This new album, Waters of Parivartan, is their soundtrack of transformation and is now ready to be shared with the world. Each song carries a specific message and invokes different aspects of the divine through mantras and the natural elements.

The Sanskrit word ‘Parivartan’ refers to the great planetary transition we are currently experiencing and this music serves as a reminder that during these times we can always turn inward to find our truth and strength.